I have been in the fitness industry for almost 18yrs and have been fortunate to  work in gyms all over the world.

In doing so I have been privileged to work with many well respected and knowledgeable Coaches and Coach Kohler is no exception.

I think it is crucial to learn from ones peers in my chosen field, to not only improve my own performance but to make me a better coach for my clients.

I find Coach Kohler, not only extremely knowledgeable but very versatile when it comes to coaching people with various needs and in my case injuries.

He also has an amazing ability to identify your weaknesses and work on those to improve your overall performance.

In the short time I have worked with Coach Kohler I have learnt new and invaluable exercises and information that I am now not only applying to my own workouts but also to my clients.

On top of his undeniable passion for coaching he does it in a manner that makes it enjoyable and leaves you hungry for more.

I am looking forward to continuing my training with Coach Kohler and hopefully with his guidance and expertise greatly improving my performance in the Crossfit Open 2018.

Gemma Doyle

Fierce Training - Trainer/Owner


" Be the best that you can be"

" Coach B programmed for my competitive Crossfit and weightlifting for about a year.  In that year I dedicated a lot of time to my own training, Brad was instrumental in that.

His program provided non bias plans for me to follow that definitely put me to the test mentally and physically.  My progress was apparent every time we tested anything.

 My lifting ability improved and overall conditioning became as good as ever.  I'll always thank Brad for designing programs for me based on my goals and the ever changing climate of competitive fitness.

With his help I was able to set state records in the snatch and clean and jerk and place 25th in the nation in weightlifting ". 

Sam Johnson 

Founder, StrengthFarm

"Since starting with the Athletes Program and Brad I have noticed considerable progress towards my athletic goals in the sport of fitness.

Deciding to go with Brad as a coach has been by far the best decision that I‘ve made. Prior to working with Brad, I had quite a bit of knee pain which we’re caused by some structural imbalances from following programming that wasn’t addressing them appropriately and since working with him I’m no longer experiencing knee pain.

I first started training with Brad when I lived in Vancouver at CrossFit Optimum performance, He is a very attentive and exceptional coach who really pays attention to all the little details. He’s always keeping me accountable for my weekly tracking information and checking in on how I’m responding to the training volume and intensity. I really love how Brad sends a voice note explaining the “why” of the training so I always understand the short, medium and long term plan which aligns with my overall goals.

His knowledge and training program is highly effective and well thought out. Since starting with Brad, I have noticed a significant increase with my overall Strength and conditioning and I feel this is the fittest I have ever been.

Brad is super experienced and passionate about coaching. I recommend The Athletes Program to anyone who wants to really excel and reach the next level."

Jesi-Rae Kosa

Crossfit Anchored Athletics