The Athletes Program On-The-Road Workout Matrix

The Athletes Program On The Road Exercise Matrix was created to help clients stay on track with their fitness and maintain performance levels when on the road travelling for work or vacation.

I have created a list of great and very effective exercises grouped into body parts and movement patterns that don’t require equipment except for a few… pull ups or ring rows, skipping, a lacrosse ball for mobility, and a band for pull a-parts which can all be easily packed into your suitcase or travel bag.

Improve recovery and your performance - Sleep and Recovery Part 1

Adding lean muscle while working to lose body fat is very difficult for multiple reasons.

A huge component is poor recovery.

How do you increase your recovery ability?

You are in luck today as there is one simple factor you can do that will dramatically speed your recovery. And no, It’s not some secret training program from Russia, or some magical potion from the Amazon rainforest…

…. its sleep.

Performance Tonic - It Tastes Awful and It Works

When you first wake up, instead of going for your favorite high-octane, double-barreled, caffeinated beverage, hold off for an hour.

Try this first: The Athletes Program Performance Tonic (T.A.P boilermaker).

The goal is to increase alkalinity (temporarily), rehydrate from a night of hibernation, nourish the adrenals, and fill in other gaps nutritionally first thing in the morning.  

So if you’re looking to improve your energy, be more resilient to stress, potentially improve body composition and a list of other cool benefits, read on.

The Coffee Nap

Tired? Try taking a "coffee nap".

Coffee nap. I know, these two words aren't normally synonymous with one another, but trust me, read on...

If you’re like most folks these days and have too much on your plate, are stressed out, tired and wired, and often experience sleepiness nights but need to be sharp, focused , and clear minded, the next day, this little trick can be a game changer.

Monitor and Maximize Your Recovery

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this years Crossfit Open. Another BIG congratulations to those who's will be moving on to the Crossfit Regionals. Out of over 250,000 people competing, you made the cut. Much respect.

For those who's competitive season is over, (excluding local throw downs through out the year) you should be thinking about restoration and recovery after a tough five weeks (especially those who did workouts more than once) before getting back "at it " for the 2017 season.

Recovery is often the most overlooked aspect in terms of training and improving performance. No amount of training will help if you aren’t properly recovering.