BRAD "Popeye" KOHLER has been a coach and trainer since 2003, and former owner and head coach of Crossfit Optimum Performance in Vancouver, BC, and CrossFit Calgary.

He has personally trained thousands of people—creating extraordinary results by channeling his extensive training and education, the deep wisdom of long experience, and his obsession with fine-tuning for every little advantage.

You don’t have to be in Canada to take advantage of Brad’s over a decade plus years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach and Crossfit trainer, or his thoughtful, focused, one-on-one attention.

Brad’s passion is helping people take control of their health and reach their fitness and competition goals. He lives, eats and breathes fitness and performance; he continues to consult with the best pros in the business. He is constantly refining and improving his techniques, knowledge and skills to ensure that every program he recommends and guides is innovative, powerful, and safe—and of course, completely made to order.

Brad brings a level of depth and attunement to his program designs above and beyond what most trainers offer. His lack of attachment to any particular dogma is refreshing, as is his disdain for hype and hyperbole.

His eclectic and instinctive approaches to custom athletic program design are delivered with authenticity, substance and intelligence. Just substantial, proficient, genuine performance that produces next-level leaps and top-level fitness.

Life is short, your optimal training window is even shorter. You want to succeed? Let’s make it happen.



Takano Athletics Internship (100 hours) Bob Takano – Olympic weightlifting

CCSC – Andre Benoit Hypertrophy Internship

ISCI - International Strength and Conditioning Institute

SSC - Sport Strength Coach

SCS - Speed and Conditioning Specialist

CrossFit Certification

CrossFit Level 1 Certification

CrossFit Pose Running Certification

CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification

CrossFit Nutrition (Robb Wolf)

CrossFit Westside Barbell Powerlifting Certification

Charles Poliquin International Certification

PICP Level 1 Regional Coach

PICP Level 2 State Coach

PICP Level 3 National Coach (course)

Bio Signature Practitioner Level 1

PIMST - Polquin’s Instant Muscle Strengthening Techniques course

F.A.T – Fascial Abrasion Technique

FMS – Functional Movement Screen Level 1

Optimum Performance Training- CCP Level 1 Courses

OPT CCP Exercise Physiology: Assessment

OPT CCP Exercise Physiology: Program design

OPT CCP: Nutrition

OPT CCP: Business Systems

Athlete Performance

 Phase 1 Mentorship

I.S.C.I (International Strength and Conditioning Institue) 

Canadian Director


Ben Greenfield – SuperHuman Coach

The Reality of Strength Seminar – Derek Woodske

Precision Nutrition Certification (currently)

Catalyst Athletics: Olympic Weightlifting Seminar

NCCP Level 1 “Club Coach” Course – Olympic Lifting

IYCA- International Youth Coaching Association

BC Sports Med First Aid